11 Ocak 2009 Pazar

Is the glass half empty? Then just tip it over!

Once upon a time, there was a student looking everything with a pesimist aspect, murmuring all the time and always seeing the glass as half empty. The sage used to tell him all the time to focus on positive thinking; however, the student didn’t listen to him.
One day, the sage called him to come. Again, he took a glass and pored water till the half of the glass became full, and then asked to him, ”What do you see?”
The student used to hate this attitude of the sage. The student thought that ”This dotard keeps telling the same things all the time!” He poured the water inside the glass and put the glass inverted. Then, he said ”Now, I see a completely empty glass!” with a nervous voice.
Upon his this behaviour, the sage smiled and yelled ”Excellent!” with enthusiasm.
While the student staring at the sage with twisted eyes, the sage said him, ”Now, you can fill your glass with your desired drink.” and after taking glass he poured tea into the glass.
And then, he continued, ”As you see, if you had poured tea while the half was full of water, the mixture would taste neither as tea nor as water.
So, sometimes, seeing events from full half is not enough. When you cannot find a way-out, it may be more sensible to start from the scratch.


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